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Monday, January 6, 2014

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I can't think of a place we enjoy more if we're in the mood for high quality Asian-American food. Take Out or Eat In, it's fun.

Their menu is simple not pages and pages of things. It's as though they pick one item to represent each part of Asia, or mix it up with a few specialty items. Despite it's simplicity there are enough items to choose from, small plates, bowls, and more.

They are Asian-American. They have the Asian flavors I love, but the high quality and clarity of great American food. Sometimes "Authentic" can be another way of saying "Sloppy" or "hole in the wall place without any eye for presentation". In that sense, this place is NOT Authentic, but it is fresh, with clear bold tastes and image. It's on the level with a California Pizza Kitchen in that sense.

Many items are spicy, watch for that. You can customize that if you need to.


Pei Wei has a seating area much like a full service restaurant, real plates and silverware. Food Runners. Bussers. But no servers. They bring your food to you, and clean up when you go, and if you happen to need something they will be MORE than happy to help. Other than that you pick a seat, go to the soda bar and get what you want to drink and refill as you please. This is a new trend called Fast Casual.


For Kids it's great because they are a mix between fast food and sit in. I have one child that will eat almost anywhere, he's my Master Chef Jr! I have another child who basically has his top ten things and won't even fathom eating anything not on his pre-approved list. It's all mental because I've gotten him to admit he likes things and then change his mind when he hears what it is. Never-the-less, we buy separately for him. So when we go almost anywhere we're looking for a place that doesn't mind that we brought a McDonald's bag, or something else he likes. They don't seem to mind at all. So we order in, order food for 3 out of 4 people,  but four drinks, and leave a great tip!


$ The cost is about the same as Panda Express, quality much higher, most items about $5-$10. If you sit in there is a person that is more than a busser less than a server. They bring your food to you and utensils and clean up after you. Bring you anything you need. Bring a tip if you dine in.


My Master Chef Jr, My Wife, and I come back here as often as we can. It's a fun, fresh, clean, crisp, and lovely place to.


I had to come back and update this post. We came in again and this time we met the district manager, got a tour of the restaurant and talked at length about his background and why he came into the restaurant business. The District Manager and Asst Store Manager made great suggestions which we enjoyed. They have new smaller plate items if you are dining for one instead of two, or need to eat lighter. Even easier on the budget. Had a great time, even more loyal now... which is hard because we were already raving about the place before! Jan 2014

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