Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar

As we walk past the covered patios and see the fire from the kitchen within behind glass behind the bar; Whiskey Cake is already promising to be a unique dining experience. We then walk in the double set of double doors into the restaurant and are greeted by warm and friendly hosts. The first thing I noticed was the firewood which doubled as fuel for the kitchen and decoration as well.
As we are walking through to our table we pass rocking chairs and other unique seating arrangements. We are seated at a booth with industrial lightening made from pipes and wires. Everything about this restaurant is first class yet home-grown. It's a true farm to garden experience. They even recycle as much as possible. The napkin rolls are held together by large plumbing fittings. The coasters are cut up squares from cardboard boxes and stamped with the logo. There is this feeling that current (fresh, organic, all natural, clean, west coast style) meets farm fresh (down home, comfortable, easy-going, raw, rustic, old west).
As we are seated we are handed menus. Not just any menus either. They are one page. No flipping for pages and pages to find 100's of items. All the drinks, apps, food, salad, burgers... one page. It is located on an equally sized cardboard cut out for to add firmness and clipped together with office clips.
They create their food from scratch made from all fresh/never frozen ingredients. All the vegetables are from right here in texas and even the herbs used for seasoning are grown right on property in their greenhouse. They fly in fresh meats from around the world as well. I had an amazing piece of Scottish Salmon!
We started our meal with a special treat of Friend Egg Plant and dipping sauce. I then turned to my Live Wood Grilled Salmon. It was served over wilted spinach, shiitake mushrooms, and cherry tomatoes. This was all mixed with a shallot vinaigrette. My friend had the Mesquite Grilled Redfish. Both were fresh and perfectly prepared. Topping that meal off was our Whiskey Cake; served warm. It was crispy on the outside and soft in the middle served over a creamy sugary sauce.
It was a an organic farm fresh food and home-style experience. But it was also high quality food and thoughtfully created. One can tell from the presentations and preparations that there is a first class chef behind it all.
Well done Whiskey Cake! DW


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*Special thanks to my friend Brent Wickham for finding and taking me to this very cool place! 
* I didn't have my camera so I'll be borrowing pictures from their own Facebook page to help with the descriptions.

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