Twisted Root Burger Co

The Twisted Root is among my all time favorite burger joints in all of Texas.

When you are in the mood for fast food nothing fits the bill like an Inn and Out, Carl's Jr, Whataburger, etc... but when you want to hang out for a little while; this rustic twisted restaurant fits the bill, even if it costs just a little bit more. The burgers are in the neighborhood of $9 a piece, sides and drinks sold separately. If two adults and two kids go all out you could easily spend $30 or more. If you share a drink and don't get sides you can get out for much less, but I call this place the place to indulge so break out a few extra dollars and enjoy.
Why is it twisted? The restaurant starts with a rustic barn bar type feel. The decor is made up of rusted aluminium siding, wood benches, random tables, and beer containers as condiment holders. Why have napkins when you can have a roll of paper towels at each table?
Twisted Flavors: They have a root beer flavor that changes frequently, sometimes within one visit it could change if a keg runs dry. My favorite so far was watermelon root beer. However other flavors of root beer have been: cotton candy, raspberry, more. They also carry twisted condiments, such as ancho-chipotle-ketchup.
My favorite burger when I go? Green Chile, Guac & Pepperjack Burger 7.99. This is a mouth watering burger with just enough spice to nice but not overwhelming. It's topped with guacamole and friend onions. Mmmmmm........
Their solution to graffiti? Graffiti their own walls first! Black-chalkboard type paint around certain areas, like the bathroom, where odd sayings and thoughts are written for all to enjoy. My home location is in Roanoke, TX however there are many locations around DFW now and more on the way it would seem.
This place is so good that it even made it on to the food networks Diners Drive In's and Dives. I suggest you check out that review and then go yourself if you are near a location... it's worth the drive... really!


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