Sea Siam 940 Keller Pkwy # 230, Keller, TX 76248-3657  (817) 431-1581 ‎
Thai Dilemma 
I am always looking for a good Thai restaurant. There are many types of food that I enjoy, but it seems like Thai is always my go to. I don't have it often, but when I do I always wonder why it's been so long?! However, in Texas Thai is not as easy to find as it was in California. Not good Thai anyway. Finally I happen upon this restaurant after a job interview in Keller. A REAL Thai restaurant with food made by Real Thai's!
In fact, it turns out the owners came from California and I used to eat at their old restaurant! Imagine the thrill I have that God would move them to Texas just for me?!
Good Service
Sure enough, the Sea Siam is no disappointment. If you are looking for Americanized watered down Thai... keep looking this isn't it. This is the real deal, authentic, Thai Food. It's a small hole in the wall type building but the owners are VERY friendly! They go out of their way to help you, which is more than I can say for most Thai Restaurants.
The pattern of the great taste of Thai Food combined with absolutely horrible service has always bewildered me. How can one class of food have such universally bad service? But Sea Siam looks to change that pattern. Sea Siam's family owned and operated restaurant is a gem among Thai Food. Not only do they taste better but they smile and talk to you! Imagine that?
Great Food:
My favorite food at any Thai restaurant is Red Curry with Chicken and Bamboo shoots. We always get that, along with Pad Thai, Thai Salad, Rice, Side of Peanut Sauce, Thai Iced Tea, and a generous tip to the waitress! Total Bill is usually around $20-30 for all that.
I'll add pictures the next time I go!
If you are in the mood for real Thai, or haven't had it but want to try it I strongly suggest taking a drive to Keller, Texas and going to Sea Siam!
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Darrell G. Wolfe

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