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03/02/15 | Snow... well... not really snow.

It's Christmas in March!

Since I've been in Fort Worth Texas, I've seen more ice than snow. This is a perfect example.  These tiny ice balls hit you and the ground, and accumulate. From a distance of even a few inches it looks like snow. But touch it, or walk on it, and you will discover... it's not snow.

This ice crunches. It's not fluffy. It's slippy to walk on. It's DANGEROUS to drive on! It's like trying to drive on an ice skating rink.If you hear a warning of freezing rain, or sleet accumulations... plan on not going to work, even if your job is dumb enough to open and ask you to be there. At 7am this morning, there was already one fatality on the I-30.

However, on the other the lighter side, it's really fun to slide in!

Life In Fort Worth By Darrell Wolfe

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Ice Storm Closes the Fort Worth Area

RealFeel: 8°
Wintry precip.
Sunrise: 7:05 am Wind: N 16mph
Sunset: 6:22 pm Humidity: 84%
UV: 2 (Low) Pressure: 30.51"

Most school and business are closed today. Go make some CoCo or Mocha and play a board game with your kids today.